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Holy shit!

2010-08-10 19:34:29 by BananaBreedsMuffins

I just found a website called, and I can't believe that all those black people love Sally and Johnny. I really didn't think it was possible for a couple to be loved by such an astronomical amount of black people.

So I've decided to find out how many black people love me.
If you're black and you love me, please post a comment.

Alpha Male

2009-03-24 03:58:55 by BananaBreedsMuffins

I've taken a break from the Banana Breeds Muffins series and made a new flash. It's called Alpha Male. Trust me, this will knock your pants off!

The Banana Breeds Muffins series!

2008-09-30 16:19:17 by BananaBreedsMuffins

I've just begun an epic series!
Watch the first episode and I'm sure you can guess how the next episode will be!
BananaBreedsMuffins EP #1
BananaBreedsMuffins EP #2
BananaBreedsMuffins EP #3
Please post your opinions!